Always keep your skin moisturized & inquire about our Aviva Labs Products to help the longevity of your Spray Tan.

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After Your Tan:

• Do not wear tight clothing after your spray tan

• Avoid water on your skin, working out, putting on any lotions or body sprays

• Shower 8-12 hours after your tan to let the DHA develop fully on your skin

• Do Not worry when you take your first shower and see some of your 'tan coming off.'  That is just excess bronzer washing off!

• Always keep your skin moisturized to maximize the length of your spray tan!

Before Your Tan:

12-24 Hours Before Your Tan:

• Exfoliate your skin

• Shave

• Have any manicure or pedicure services done

Right Before Your Tan:

• Make sure you have no lotion or oil on your skin

• Cleaned/ rinsed off skin

• No makeup or deodorant

100% guarantee on your tan when you follow these steps before your tan

"Dihydroxyacetone" or DHA is made by sugarcane or beets and has been approved byt the FDA since 1979.  A spray tan's color results from the DHA reaction on the top layer of the skin, which usually takes 8-12 hours to develop. Live Love Bronze proudly uses Aviva Labs Solutions which is 100% organic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, alochol-free, and fragrance- free.

What is DHA?

M O B I L E  S P R A Y  T A N N I N G